Floating Docks and Beach Supplies

Floatinf Platforms for Special Works

Game floating platforms for beach clubs or work platforms for boatyards, building sites and yachts.

The Cubedock floating system is characterized by small modules in high density polyethylene (HDPE): 100x50x40cm or 50x50x40cm or 100x50x27cm (HalfCube).

The floating capacity is very high: 350 kg / m2 but doubling the layer can also reach 700 kg / m2 as the maximum floating capacity.


The Cubedock System can be used practically anywhere. The platforms that we can create have no limits in theory: being modular we can do what you need. The applications are numerous:
SHIPYARDS: We can supply platforms to be used as service rafts to technicians who are going to do work outside the hulls of yachts or boats in general. They can also be platforms on which to place tools and equipment such as, for example, scaffolding to reach the top of the sides of the yacht.
CONSTRUCTION SITES: For any work involving situations in the presence of water, our platforms are right for you: Restoration of bridges in the arches below the road or railway surface, work on highway pylons with the base in the water, renovation of quays and concrete piers . On the platforms you can mount what you need. We are able to assist you and also make works in metal carpentry. With special protections you can use the floating platforms to weld, to wall and paint.
YACHTS: Yacht crews can keep the floating elements on board, disassembling them and placing them easily where it is convenient to reassemble them as needed: now they can become a platform for carrying out work on the boat, on a second occasion they can be an extension of the beach aft and become a sunbathing raft for the owner or guests of the yacht.
SPECIAL WORKS: The remarkable buoyancy capacity also allows the installation on the platform of multiple machines: core drills, excavators, cranes .... We are able to provide all the necessary assistance thanks to an experience of over 15 years in this sector. Contact us with confidence!


Other applications are the platforms for fairs and exhibitions, such as the presentation of new cars ....

Modular System

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High Buoyancy

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Stable and Strenght

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General Catalogue

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Since 2004 Piemme has been a Guarantee and Reliability

Floating Plaform for Yacht's Refit

Floating Plaform for Yacht's Refit

Floating platform that allows you to carry out various jobs on the hulls of yachts, standing externally on the water, such as cleaning or repainting the hull, general inspection, etc. Being modular it can be easily stored.

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Floating Platform for Excavations

Floating Platform for Excavations

A particular application is to be able to make double or even triple layers of floats, so as to increase the floating capacity and create floating platforms for the transport of debris or other materials..

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Floating Platform and Wood

Floating Platform and Wood

Many accessories can be applied on the floating platform, including the wooden or metal sheet decking, as required.

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Floating Platforms for Events

Floating Platforms for Events

Modularity, ease of transport and installation make this system ideal for all events consisting in to build a platform on the water.

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