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Welcome to Piemme SRLs site, informative website and e-commerce online. The use of Web sites where you see the service conditions ( "Site"), and the features of this site are subject to these Terms of Use (this "Agreement"). The Site is owned or controlled by Piemme SRLs.
Piemme srl is rented as a registered office in Via C. Pisacane nr 175, 55049, Viareggio (LU) Italy and has as its headquarters a unit rented in Via Dei Carpentieri nr 41 - The industrial area outlets - 55041 Camaiore (LU) and administers the e- commerce placed on this website and other websites controlled and always Piemme SRLs properties.

By accessing this site you acknowledge and agree that the Site, as well as this Agreement, to be constructed and evaluated in accordance with Italian laws. For any controversy the competent court is that of Lucca, and specifically the Court of Lucca.

These terms and conditions of online sale (hereinafter "GCS") governing the contract (hereinafter the "AGREEMENT") for the sale of products (hereinafter the "PRODUCT" or the "PRODUCTS") offered by Piemme SRLs. - Through its Internet sites www.piemme-italia.com, www.trattamentoacquapiscina.it, www.indigoboat.com (hereinafter the "SITE") to users of the SITE (hereinafter the "CUSTOMER" or "CUSTOMER") .
1.1 Points 5.8 and 7 of the GCS will apply exclusively if the CUSTOMER qualifies as a "consumer" pursuant to art. 3, co. 1, letter. a) of Legislative Decree no. 6 September 2005, n. 206 (hereinafter the "Code"), that "the natural person acting for purposes unrelated to their business or profession."

1.2 If you were connected to this website from other sites, the user must make sure to comply with all local laws. If the user would provide the information on his identity and was not resident in Italy, the laws relating to the regulation and use of the collected data of your country may differ from Italian, specifically, we can not provide the same level of protection offered in your country of residence. Providing their own information aPiemme SRLs, the user transfers their personal data and consent to such transfer, as well as the processing of their data.

1.3 Please read this Agreement. Piemme SRLs is willing to offer the user the services only and exclusively if the latter accepts and respects the terms of this Agreement. By accessing this website or using the Services in any manner, including, without limitation, site navigation, the use of the information and / or send information to SRLs Piemme, you agree to be bound by the terms, conditions, policies and notices contained herein, it means, but not limited to, the performance of this electronic transaction, disclaimers or warranties, damage and remedy limitations and exclusions, and the choice of Italian law.
From time to time we may update the Services and this Agreement. The use of the Services after we have made any changes to this Agreement constitutes the acceptance of those changes. You agree to review this Agreement periodically to ensure that they are aware of the latest updates. Piemme SRLs may, in its sole discretion, at any time, discontinue the Services or any part thereof, with or without notice, and may prevent the user from using the Services, with or without notice. You agree not to have any rights in the services and that the Piemme SRLs will have no liability to you if the service is discontinued or your ability to access the Services or any other content that they may have posted on the Services is closed.
1.4 The services can be used only by adults. The use of the Services is void where prohibited. By using the Services, you represent and warrant that you meet the eligibility requirements of this paragraph and is fully capable and competent to enter into and comply with the terms of this Agreement.


Effectiveness GTS


2.1 The GTC are available on the SITE to be easily read by the CLIENT before making the purchase of a PRODUCT, accepted together with the forwarding of the purchase order, stored on your computer and reproduced on paper by printing the file in which are contained.

2.2 The GTC apply to the sale of PRODUCTS are those published on the SITE on the date of the order for the PRODUCTS. The CUSTOMER, therefore, will have to perform the above operations before making any purchase.

2.3 The mere tolerance or failure to challenge by Piemme SRLs of possible breaches of the Client with respect to the contents of the GTS can not be interpreted as tacit acceptance of such defaults, or as a desire to deviate from what was agreed between the parties.


Sales procedures


3.1 CUSTOMER who intends to proceed with the purchase of the PRODUCTS must manifest this desire through a request made directly on the SITE where, following the procedures described above, will carry forward the purchase order and payment. The payment will be processed by Piemme SRLs.
3.2 Upon receipt of the purchase order issued by the CUSTOMER, Piemme SRLs transmit to the latter the receipt of the purchase order, containing a summary of the content of the information relating to the sale, and will proceed to execute the order d 'purchase, subject to the provisions of paragraph 4.2.
3.3 The AGREEMENT is governed from the purchase order issued by the CUSTOMER, by the receipt of the order issued by Piemme SRLs and the GTS.


Rights and obligations


4.1 Delivery of the PRODUCTS: Piemme SRLs, subject to the provisions of paragraph 4.2, undertakes to deliver the PRODUCTS at its headquarters to the carrier responsible for transporting them to the address indicated by the Client in the purchase order. Piemme SRLs not be responsible for delivery errors due to inaccuracy or incompleteness in filling in the purchase order by the CUSTOMER, as well as the damage suffered by PRODUCTS after delivery to the carrier involved in the transport of the same and delay in delivery the latter due or logistical problems of Piemme SRLs .. We realize deliveries all over the Italian territory, and, where applicable, also abroad with appropriate modifications to psese shipping and any other. Delivery is made by courier, so the mailboxes can not be accepted.
4.2 Unavailability of PRODUCTS: In case of non-execution of the purchase order by Piemme SRLs due to unavailability, even temporary, of the requested PRODUCTS, Piemme SRLs, within 30 days of receiving the order, inform the CUSTOMER by email of cancellation of the order and will charge, as soon as the bank details of the Client, refund the price if already paid for the purchase of not more available PRODUCTS. The unavailability of one or more of the PRODUCTS ordered will not attribute any case the CUSTOMER the right to cancel the entire order.
4.3 Promotions: Piemme SRLs develops during defined time intervals, promotional campaigns in order to promote certain products. Piemme SRLs reserves the right to interpret the conditions of application of the promotions, extend them by communicating in the manner and due time, or proceed to exclusion of any participant in the promotion if you identify anomalies, abuse or unethical behavior in the participation of the same .

Rights and obligations of the CUSTOMER

5.1 The CUSTOMER is solely responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of the information provided in Piemme SRLs and requests from the latter through the SITE and is committed to promptly notify any changes of data entered.
5.2 The CUSTOMER, following the remittance of the purchase order states:
a) you have read, understood and accepted the GCS;
b) to be a person of age, he possesses the legal capacity to act.
5.3 The CLIENT undertakes, once the purchase procedure on the SITE accession, both to save an electronic copy that to the press of the CONTRACT and the GTC for the purposes of their conservation, as indicated in paragraph 2.1 above.
5.4 Consideration: The prices of the Products are actually displayed on the WEBSITE at the time of order by the CUSTOMER. The prices of the products that appear in the SITE, unless otherwise specified, are inclusive of VAT. Prices listed on the SITE for each of PRODUCTS must be added the cost of transport of the same to be duly highlighted before the issue of the purchase order by the CUSTOMER and received confirmation of the same or communicated after order directly to the customer in case of impossibility to automatic counting of the same.
5.5 Payments: The CUSTOMER agrees to make payment of the amount due in advance of the delivery of the PRODUCTS, using the payment system specified on the WEBSITE at the time of the purchase order. In case of payment by credit card, the CLIENT undertakes, at the request of Piemme SRLs, to send a copy of the identity document showing the actual ownership of the credit card used when understanding that lack of transmission required, Piemme SRLs will refuse payment and cancel the order. The receipt of corresponding purchase order will be displayed on the SITE and can be printed using the appropriate link.
5.6 Receipt of PRODUCTS: Upon delivery of the PRODUCTS to the CUSTOMER by the carrier for their transport, the CUSTOMER must check the presence of the carrier:
a) the amount and type of PRODUCTS ordered the same as indicated in the transport document;
b) that the packaging used for transportation is intact, not damaged, wet or otherwise altered, even in the closing materials.
Any abnormalities should be challenged immediately to the carrier upon receipt of the PRODUCTS by their indication in the delivery note
5.7 Support: If you need any assistance or complaints regarding the PRODUCTS purchased, the CLIENT must contact Piemme SRLs at the addresses indicated in paragraph 11 of the GCS.
5.8 Warranty: Piemme SRLs will pay, in relation to the PRODUCTS purchased by the CLIENT, the legal guarantee of compliance with the terms and conditions set out in Articles. 128 et seq. the CODE. In particular, the rights arising from this guarantee may be exercised on condition that the PRODUCTS have been used correctly, with due diligence and in accordance with the intended use and as provided in the instructions enclosed, as well as on presentation by the CUSTOMER of delivery note received with the same display and the order number. The costs related to the return of PRODUCTS year warranty effect will be borne by Piemme SRLs.
5.9 CANCELLATION ORDINE.Piemme SRLs accepts cancellation of orders To make a cancellation you will need to contact Piemme SRLs at the addresses indicated in the site and in section 11 of the GCS


Use of the site


6.1 Description and visualization PRODUCTS: The descriptions of the PRODUCTS and the images on the SITE are matching As made available by Piemme SRLs suppliers. Photographs and a video presentation of the descriptive information kit PRODUCTS are exposed on the SITE as a guideline, even considering the fact that the image quality (eg. In terms of the exact color display) may depend on the programs and the IT tools used by the CUSTOMER at the time of connection to the SITE.
6.2 Malfunctions: Piemme SRLs do not assume any responsibility for the problems caused to the CUSTOMER the use of the SITE and the technologies employed as independent of their will, such as, but not limited to:
a) any errors, delays or impossibility in accessing the SITE by the CLIENT for the execution of the sale procedure;
b) errors, delays or impossibility in the receipt by the CUSTOMER, communications sent by Piemme SRLs in connection with the sale of the PRODUCTS.
In any case, Piemme SRLs is committed, as in his ability, to solve problems that can occur and provide the necessary assistance to the CUSTOMER to get a quick and satisfactory solution to these problems.
c) There is no fee for services if the amount does not expressly set out in order to purchase cycle. Piemme SRLs may, in its sole discretion, decide to charge fees for participating in the service, or to use or access to the Services at any time. If so, it will update this Agreement to reflect such fees.


Right of withdrawal


7.1 The CUSTOMER, once made the purchase of the PRODUCTS, has the right to terminate the CONTRACT without penalty and without giving any reason, as determined by Articles. 64 et seq. of the Code, provided that the PRODUCTS to be returned are intact, complete with the original box and label and packaging used by Piemme SRLs for shipping.
The only method by which you can make a return in Piemme SRLs is contact the Administration Office at the address listed at the bottom of each page.
Piemme SRLs will only accept returns that have turn following requirements:
1. Product must be in the same state in which it was delivered and will retain, as far as possible, its original packaging and labels.
2. Dispatch must be realized using the same box protector (if any) in which it was received to protect the product. In case you do not have the protective box used for delivery, the customer must return the product in a box protector in order to get it in Piemme SRLs warehouse with maximum possible guarantee.
3. You must enter inside the package a copy of the delivery note in which are highlighted the returned products and the reason for return. If the reason for return is attributable to Piemme SRLs (the product is defective, it is not what you ordered, etc.) the use of this service is free. If the reason is another (the products have been delivered properly and without defects but do not meet you), the cost of return shipping will be charged to the customer
4. Reimbursement to customer
The return of products will generate a refund equal to the cost of the products minus the cost of shipping (as described in the preceding paragraph).
Only in the event that the delivered product is defective or incorrect, Piemme SRLs refund the customer also the related shipping costs. Partial refunds will match partial refunds.
Piemme SRLs will refund the refund by bank transfer within 7 days of confirmation of the arrival in stock of the returned package.
For payments made via PayPal account, the procedure is the same as the previous case.


Termination clause


8.1 The AGREEMENT shall automatically terminate pursuant to and by effect of art. 1456 of the Civil Code in the event of failure by the CUSTOMER, even just one of the obligations assumed by it under the point 5 of the GCS (Rights and obligations of the Client) .The resolution of the CONTRACT will occur if and when Piemme SRLs declare that it intends to make use of this termination clause.


Copyright, Trademarks, and Limited License


9.1 The Services and all content and other materials contained on or within the Site, including, without limitation, all information, content, designs, text, images, information, data, software, surveys, music, trademarks, names of products or services, logos, slogans other files, and the selection and arrangement thereof (collectively, "content of Piemme SRLs"), they are the sole property of Piemme SRLs and / or its suppliers and licensors and are protected internationally under the brand , copyright and other intellectual property laws. Any reference to products, services, processes or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation thereof by Piemme SRLs.
You agree not to download, view or use any of the Piemme SRLs Content that is on the site for use in any publication, public shows, on other websites for any commercial purpose, in relation to products or services that are not those belonging to Piemme SRLs, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among consumers, which degrades or diminishes the Piemme SRLs and / or its licensors, that damages the strength of Piemme SRLs or property of its concession, or that otherwise violates the Piemme SRLs or intellectual property rights of its licensors. You agree not to misuse in any portion of the Contents of Piemme SRLs or Third Party Content that appears on the Site.


Privacy and registration information, shipping, billing.


10.1 You agree to (a) provide accurate, current and complete information about him / her as may be required by any registration form, (b) maintain and promptly update the data provided during registration, and any other information supplied Piemme SRLs, in order to keep it accurate, current and complete. Registration requires information that includes without limitation, the full name of user's baptism, his date of birth, the address of his home of residence, phone number and his e-mail job.
10.2 Compliance with Legge.L'utente must always comply with all laws, rules, regulations and ordinances, and not make Piemme SRLs violate any laws, rules, regulations, or orders.
10.3 Appropriate Communications. If you communicate with the staff ( "Staff") of Piemme SRLs, you agree to do so in a respectful and appropriate manner. Not transmitted, shared and distributed to staff, affiliated personnel communications obscene, vulgar, sexually oriented, threatening, offensive or illegal content.
By using the site, you agree not to post or otherwise distribute any publications or other material that disparages, discredits or hit anyone, including Piemme SRLs, its staff, employees, officers, directors, subsidiaries, affiliates or dealers in a negative light.
10.4 10.1 Piemme SRLs guarantees customers that the personal data acquired in connection with the sale of the PRODUCTS will always be processed lawfully and correctly, in full compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003, n. 196.
10.4 For further information concerning the processing of personal data please refer to the "Privacy Policy" and the disclosures made on the processing of data by Piemme SRLs, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the CUSTOMER at the time of registration on the SITE. Please note that the CLIENT, in case of need for further clarification, you can contact directly to SRLs Piemme indicated addresses.



11.1 For any communication you can contact Piemme SRLs at the following addresses:

Piemme srls

sede operativa: Via Dei Carpentieri nr.41

Zona Industriale Le Bocchette

55041 - Camaiore (LU)

email: info@piemme-italia.com



12.1 The warranty is to the law of one (1) year for the products against any manufacturing defect.

applicable law

13.1 The law applicable to the sale of the PRODUCTS is Italian, with particular reference to the provisions of the Code.

13.2 The invalidity of individual clauses of the CONTRACT or the GTC does not imply the invalidity of the entire CONTRACT or GCS.

13.3 The jurisdiction is the Court of Lucca and Viareggio section (LU).

If you want to contact us with any questions or concerns about this Agreement or the Services, these please see our page "Contact".

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