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Floating Docks in Polyethylene

Piemme srls offers the widest range of modular floating systems in high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Our company Piemme Italia has been involved in the supply and installation of modular floating pontoons and floating platforms for jet skis and inflatable boats since 2004. We have the largest variety of polyethylene floating systems on the market:
CUBEDOCK: Modular floating system made in blowing high density polyethylene, characterized by the reduced size of the modules: 50x50x40cm or 100x50x40cm and finally 100x50x27cm
ROTODOCK: This system is ideal for any installation involving situations in still water, ie without waves, and characterized by not having to disassemble and reassemble the work often. The floating modules are made in rotational polyethylene, and they are of different sizes, the smallest being 100x150x38cm and gradually rising up to the largest of 200x300x38cm. We have a wide range of accessories that can complete the floating system.
JETPORT JET SKI FLOATING PLATFORM: The floating drive on jet ski docks are in two distinct models: Jetport 150x400cm and Jetport Max 200x400cm. Both floating platforms are suitable for any typem and Brand of jet ski. They have side rollers adaptable in 3 different positions, so as to best conform to the keel of each model and brand on the market.
INFLATABLE BOAT LIFTING SYSTEMS: Boat Lift is modular systems that can be sized according to the size of the boat or inflatable boat to be winged and therefore keep out of the water. The BoatLift floating system eliminates the problem of remaking the boat's keel and giving antifouling because our boat lift system keeps the keel of your boat out of the water. We can size floating platforms at will!

From 2004 Piemme is Synonymous Warranty and Reliability

Floating Polyethylene Docks Cubedock

Floating Polyethylene Docks Cubedock

The Cubedock system is light, easy to handle thanks to its reduced modularity, very easy to install and position. It has a high buoyancy and starts to float with just 5cm of water. It is very flexible and this allows the installation of pontoons even in the open sea or in areas subject to waves.

More About Cubedock - Download Data Sheet
Floating Rotomolded Docks Rotodock

Floating Rotomolded Docks Rotodock

The Rotodock system is suitable for almost definitive installations. It is very stable and has a smooth and practicable surface, even between one module and another. It is used in areas of still water or with few waves. It has a high buoyancy and the modules in the water sink only 2 or 3 centimeters.

More About Rotodock - Download Data Sheet
Floating Drive On Jet Ski Docks

Floating Drive On Jet Ski Docks

Floating platforms for jet skis are suitable for any jet ski model and Brand, adapting to the diversity of the keel thanks to the adaptable rollers. The platform is made in a single mold in very resistant rotational polyethylene in which there are also housings for the anchor chains.

More About Jetport - Download Data Sheet
Floting Hauling Systems

Floating Hauling Systems

The modularity of this system allows to create floating platforms for hauling inflatable boats and boats up to 10 meters. Inflatable Boat's keel will remain completely out of the water thus ensuring a better preservation and the renunciation of the usual maintenance (antifouling).

More About BoatLift - Download Data Sheet


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