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Polyethylene Boats - ETIBOAT in PE


E.T.I. Boat is built with totally RECYCLABLE material to respect the environment in which we live.

How E.T.I. BOAT is built?

It is built with a technology called "ROTATIONAL": the molds are made of aluminum. They are milled, then dug, with numerical control to eliminate any error. This mold allows us to produce the boat in a single process and a single piece, therefore there are no joints between the hull and deck, which makes the boat completely watertight. The mold provides all the details of the boat because the material does not accept subsequent changes once printed; for this reason the design has been extremely accurate and careful and the process is managed entirely by a computer.

PE (Polyethylene) has a lower density than water and thanks to these characteristics, even in case of damage under the hull, E.T.I. BOAT remains unsinkable !!.
In addition, Polyethylene can always be repaired! It does not pollute like fiberglass and, at the end of the cycle, it can be recovered and therefore RECYCLED!


The expected standard color is ivory, but for multiple orders with a minimum of 3 units we can also produce in other colors on request.

> High capacity: 800 kg - up to 9 people (Homologated).

> Safe and stable navigation, even laterally

> Remains high on the waterline, therefore dry while sailing

> The internal space is equivalent to a 7-meter boat!

> Does not require fenders, resists impacts and accidental blows

> It is self-draining and completely WATERPROOF

> Easy to repair and polish: This allows you to keep the boat in excellent condition while maintaining its value

Homologated for 9 Persons

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Boat made in PE: Future is Now!

polyethylene boat etiboat

Polyethylene Boat's Technical Datas

Lenght: 550cm - Width: 225cm - High: 125cm - Width. internal: 160cm - Flotation: 34cm - Displacement: 1,70 t - Weight: 400kg - Material: Polyethylene - Carrying Capacity: 800kg max - Persons: 9 persons- Category: CE D - C - Ideal Motorization:: : from 20 to 40 hp

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Boat in PE

Ecological and recyclable boat

Ecology is now the dominant topic and E.T.I. Boat responds perfectly to this need because it is built in "virgin" polyethylene to have all the optimal characteristics, but then it can be easily disposed of and reused for other products. In practice it is "recyclable."

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ETI BOAT in Polyethylene

Ideal for Boat Rentals

E.T.I. Boat is the answer to all nautical operators who work with the rental because its maintenance is extremely simple and fast: a quick wash with fresh water and the boat is ready again!
E.T.I. Boat is the answer to those who are attentive to a product that remains unchanged over time while maintaining its economic value because it can also be easily repaired in the event of scratches or cuts and the repair is invisible with few precautions.

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Unsinkable Boat


E.T.I. Boat represents the boat of the future for multiple uses:

Btourist boat, to be rented to customers of hotels, campsites, tourist villages ... work or service boat in ports and marinas and nautical clubs ..... boat for diving and sailing schools and sailing as a boat support because it is easy to handle, simple but safe. Thanks to its stability and impact resistance it is exceptional for every job.

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