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Jet Ski Drive On Floating Platform

Jet Ski Floating Platforms in Rotomolded Polyethylene

Jetport floating platform for jet skis is available in 2 sizes: 150x400cm (Jetport150) and 200x400cm (jetport Max) and is ideal for mantein the jet ski totally out of the water.
The system is very simple: IT IS A DRIVE ON DOCK IN A SINGLE MOLD MADE IN ROTATIONAL POLYETHYLENE, VERY RESISTANT AND SELF-SUPPORTING and can be anchored to a quay or a classic floating pier, or even anchor it "stand alone".

It does not require anything else, the platform is yet complete. However, it can be combined with other platforms, as well as connected to existing pontoons, both of the type we pourpose (i.e. the cubedock and the rotodock), and to floating pontoons or fixed docks in concrete too. In fact, we have special connectors that allow this kind of coupling.

Our Jet Ski Drive on floating platform can be anchored with dead bodies, by passing the rope or chain suitably covered with cloth rubber in the 2 slots in the mold of the platform, or by special anchoring kit fixed to the catenary or on poles.

Placing your jet ski on JetPort Platform will be very simple: just a shot of gas and drive on your jet ski on the platform! Your Jet Ski is totally lifted out of the water with a simple gas stroke.

The floating platform for jet skis has side rollers and they can be positioned in three different accommodations, so as to better conform and adapt to thejet ski's keel in your possession, whatever model and brand it is!

Once the jet ski is positioned on the floating platform, there is enough space to wash it, turning around it. It is possible to fix the jet ski to the platform with a small rope (using the bow handle as a hook), thus leaving it always ready to be placed in the water, but at the same time out of the water and therefore in optimal conditions for waterjet perfectly functional maintenance.


Universal Platform

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Adjustable Rollers

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Stability and Solidity

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2 Models

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Since 2004 Piemme has been Guarantee and Reliability

Jet Ski Drive On Dock

Jet Ski Drive On Dock

Jet Ski Drive On Floating Dock it can also be connected to other floating platforms or to our Rotodock and Cubedock floating docks with special connectors.

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Jet Ski Floating Platforms

Jet Ski Floating Platforms

It is possible to connect the floating platforms for Jetport jet skis also to existing concrete docks or pontoons or anchor them on poles or catenary with special kits.

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Floating Dry DockJetport

Floating Jetport Max

The floating platform model JetPort Max is the largest we have: 200cm x 400cm. It is suitable for every jet ski model and brand. It has a buoyancy more then 1300 kg

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Pedana Galleggiante Per Moto d'Acqua

JetPort 150 Jet ski Platform

Floating Drive On Dock Jetport150 model has the following dimensions: 150x400cm x38cm. In water in a normal position it sinks only 2 cm. It is suitable for all jet skis' brands

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