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Floating Hauling System for Inflatable Boats

Floating platforms for winging inflatable boats and small boats

The floating boat lift system for towing rafts and small boats is ideal for installation where you have the possibility to anchor the platform fixed on the dock.

The system is very simple: it is MODULAR and SELF-SUPPORTING. It doesn't need anything else, you just have to decide the size of the platform and the length of the slide.

It has a max buoyancy of 350 kg / m2 and it must be sized according to the weight of your boat and the accessories you want to place on the platform itself, as well as the weight of the engine (outboard).

It is possible to create a system of several platforms joined together, or connect the platform to a pier or fixed docks also in concrete. In fact, we have special connectors that allow this kind of coupling.

The platform can be anchored or with dead bodies, by passing the rope or chain in the appropriate anchoring kit.

It will be very easy to lift your raft thanks to the possibility of installing a winch on the platform, so that your boat can slide effortlessly on the rollers.

Modular System

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Floating Hauling

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Up to 10 m Boats

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Floating Hauling System

Low Manteinance

Boat Lift floating platform for haulage has very little maintenance, just wash with a pressure washer and allows the keel of the boat to be kept out of water so as to avoid antifouling.

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Rafts drive on dock

Floating Hauling System

Floating winging platforms can be connected to each other with special connectors, as well as connected to existing pontoons or anchored on poles or dead bodies connected with chains.

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floating hauling system

Modular System

The floating platform is modular: The slide is sized according to the characteristics of your inflatable boat and is then attached to the modular CUBEDOCK system.

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boats drive on system

Central and Both Sides Rollers

The floating hauling platform is characterized by the presence of central and lateral ROLLERS to facilitate hauling procedures in the best way, both uphill and downhill in the water.

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