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Wooden Cabins for Beach Clubs and Swimming Pools

Wooden beach and pool cabins - as changing rooms as showers and toilets.

We produce wooden cabins in any shape and size. The "panel" construction scheme allows an easy handling as well as a very simple assembly on site. We can create easy assembly and disassembly cabins where removal is required every season.

Our cabins are modular: Each cabin is composed of:
Own support platform, made with "autoclave impregnated" pine uprights and "autoclave impregnated" pine wood slats or alternatively Okumè marine plywood panels.
Cab posts: standard size 35x70mm, all in double-bladed pine impregnated in an autoclave
Side, front and back panels: all in 20mm autoclave impregnated pine beads or 20mm thick treated larch.
1-pitch or 2-pitch roof (gabled) made of phenolic glued plywood 15mm thick waterproofed with colored slated sheath (choice of gray, green, red)
Full or half-shutter door with lower panel. Bronzed brass or stainless steel "anuba" hinges, with yale locks with cylinder.

The cabins can also have the front "veranda" recalling the typical style of the cabins in Forte dei Marmi and Versilia (Tuscany West Coast) in general.


As mentioned our cabins can be totally customized in size.

Assembly as well as disassembly are simple: the support platform, (which must be positioned strictly on a rigid, stable and plan surface) of the exact size of the product, is used to rest on it and then screw on the 4 panels that make up the front, the rear and the two sides of the cabin.
The roof is then placed on top, facilitated in positioning by the special guide-rails resting on the panels.

Obviously we can create "batteries" of booths in series, placing them one on top of the other, both "shoulder", that is side by side, and "back", thus creating walls in common.

Cabins can be insulated, they can also have windows or portholes ... in short, we can do anything you want to do!

Wooden Cabins

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Shower Cabins

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Modular System

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Since 2004 we build wooden cabins

wooden cabins for beach clubs

Cabins for Beach Clubs and Resorts

The wooden cabins are modular, they can be single or in raw, be with the front porch or without, according to your taste.

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beach resorts wooden cabins

Wooden Cabins for Beach Resorts

They are built with pre-assembled panels in our carpentry so that handling, assembly as well as storage are simple.

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Wooden Cabins for Swimming Pools

Wooden Cabins for Swimming Pools

we can build cabins of various sizes, for dressing room use but also for shower and toilet use, both for bathing establishments and for swimming pools.

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wooden cabins

Wooden Cabins for Various Uses

Customization is maximum: the roof can be 2-pitched or a single slope, the orientation of the beads horizontal or vertical ... there are no limits!

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Beach Walkways for Beach Clubs and Pools

Wooden walkways or WPC faux wood.

Panel Walkways

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In Wood or Faux Wood

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For Bar and Restaurants

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Faux Wood WPC

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Beach Walkways and Platforms

beach walkways

Wood or Composite WPC Faux Wood

For beach walkways and platforms, we use both wood and faux wood WCP composite, with milled anti-slip slats and wood grain effect.

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Verandas for Mobile Homes

Verandas for Mobile Homes

We make and install outdoor wooden verandas for mobile homes in campsites and resorts. Platforms and verandas of any shape and size.

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Footboards for swimming pools

WPC Footboards for swimming pools

Platforms and walkways for swimming pools: also made to measure and particular shapes, such as the circular structure of the photo above.(Forte dei Marmi Italy)

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Platforms for Bar Restaurants

Platforms for Bar and Restaurants

The platforms for Bars and Restaurants can be made with panels or made on site, both at ground level and raised from the ground; with wooden or aluminum substructure.

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